IoT Services
That Unlock Value

IoT Consulting

  • Leverage our industry experience within your organization
  • Design, review, and deployment of IoT and connected architecture
  • Platform assessments, analysis, recommendations, and insights
  • Selection and reports on devices and communication hardware

System Integrators

  • Platform analysis, review, and recommendation
  • Have us install and configure your new platform
  • Migrate between platforms – or connect platforms together
  • Connect and integrate field devices

Software Development

  • New solutions from starting from scratch or modifications to your existing technology
  • Custom solutions for the web, desktop, mobile, or server
  • Platform and system extensions
  • Integrations and custom data pipelines

Staff Augmentation

  • Expand your team without expanding your headcount
  • Long-term engagements and project activities (9+ months)
  • Project-based or dynamic requirements

Expertise in IoT

Successful IoT implementations extend beyond collecting telemetry data and consider how data can be used to unlock additional value in an organization. Internet of Things implementations must consider the business requirements, existing systems, people, and security among other things. Continue reading below for a common data flow along with details of each step. 

Integrate devices and sensor networks, DCS / SCADA, legacy systems, and enterprise data sources. Develop adapters to bridge industry standards and proprietary protocols.

  • Modbus/OPC
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • ThingWorx EMS
  • OSIsoft PI Interface


Design & implement scalable and highly available storage architecture for cloud, on-premises, or hybrid solutions for real-time analytics and specific data storage strategies.

  • Azure Database/Storage
  • Thingworx Data Storage
  • OSIsoft PI


Design & implement decision support systems, reporting dashboards, KPIs, actionable intelligence, and predictive analysis.

  • Azure Machine Learning
  • AWS Machine Learning
  • Thingworx Analytics
  • Power BI


Design & implement custom User Interfaces (UI), User Experience (UX), and Augmented Reality (AR).

  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Thingworx Studio


Design & implement event-driven integrations, proactive management tools, workflow automation, and alarm notifications.

  • Alarm Notification
  • Workflow
  • Platform extensions
  • ERP/LOB integration


Design & implement secure IoT architecture including user authentication, authorization, and data encryption.

  • OAuth 2
  • Azure AD/Federation
  • Blockchain

Wondering how the Internet of Things can add value to your business?

Our Capabilities

From server to mobile and cloud to on premise, we have a wide range of capabilities that can help deliver solutions and projects that improve your enterprise. Whether it’s the development of a custom field protocol for your IoT devices or updating the workflow and processes for your existing systems, L2 is ready to help


Excite your users with interactive digital experiences. Responsive web applications that work across devices


Windows and macOS are a modern canvas for creating powerful tools that are easy to use


Connected solutions drive value for users that are in the office or on the go

Platform Integration

Dependable and robust integrations between platforms and line of business systems

Field Device Integration

Connect your devices with industry standard protocols or your own proprietary tech

UI/UX Design

Interfaces that delight. User experiences that keep your users coming back for more


Workflow and Process

Interfaces that delight. User experiences that keep your users coming back for more

Strategic Planning

Take advantage of our industry experience within your organization

Our Portfolio

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Technologies & Partners

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