Platform Enhancing
IoT Add-Ons

IoT Platforms

Solutions leveraging cloud and on-premise platforms like Azure, AWS, and ThingWorx

Industrial IoT

Modernize your existing industrial investments and unlock hidden value

Software Development

Prebuilt and custom software solutions

Azure IoT Integrators

Integrate your process data into Azure IoT. Our Integrators include direct connections into Azure IoT hub as well as Azure data endpoints like Document DB, Azure Table Storage, and Azure SQL.


  • Azure OPC Integrator
  • Azure Modbus Integrator
  • Azure Web Service Integrator (JSON, XML)
  • Azure Database Integrator (ODBC)
  • Azure File Processor (CSV, PSV, TSV, JSON, XML)
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Platform Connectors for Azure

Bring process data from Azure into your IoT Platform of choice. Our Connectors enable you to bring data from Azure into your ThingWorx, OSIsoft, or Predix Industrial Internet platform.

  • ThingWorx
  • OSIsoft
  • GE Predix
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